About The Soapchix

Are you ready to rock all things soap related? This is the blog of two wild ladies who discovered a mutual passion for soap and became business partners in a wildly successful soapmaking venture called Serendipity Bath Company. Successful meaning all our soaps come out mostly how we plan them to. But one day we will have beeelions of dollars in orders and we will rule the world with our soap.

We are crunchy moms who are all about creating natural, gentle, and safe products for our children, ourselves, and you!

So here it is….our adventures in soapmaking.

Visit our online store at www.serendipitybathco.com



  1. Seriously, Tiff…that is the best pic of the two of us?!! Man, someone get me some hair products! And a makeup artist…and a stylist…yikes.

  2. Ash…I swear it looked better when it was smaller. I’m thinking maybe you can photoshop it to make us look magazine worthy?

  3. OK….my Photoshop skills are a bit rusty so I added another photo instead. Aren’t we cute hanging out on the porch? At least in this photo my hair doesn’t look like a squirrel made a nest in it.

  4. I love the pictures of the soap balls wrapped in clear bags at the top of your Web site. But I wasn’t able to find them anywhere else. I assume that you sell them? If so, please direct me to the right page on your site.

    Many thanks,

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the question. We have actually had a couple of people ask the very same question so here is our answer….the picture is of our Bombinos and You Da (Bath) Bombs found here:


    Our website is currently be re-fabulous-ized so there isn’t a photo of the bombs on that page, but we promise they are there!

  6. Please send me emails. Thank you.

  7. How come your website doesn’t work anymore?

  8. Hey, just stumbled upon your blog and can’t find your store. Did you change the name? Are you still in business? WOuld love some of your stuff!

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