Posted by: soapchix | April 4, 2009

Today, She Was a Mermaid.

Baths are magical things.

Today, she was a mermaid!

And I don’t mean just for our kids, although I spent a lovely hour listening to my 4 year old talk to me about mermaids when she was bathing. It was happy and peaceful until she announced it was time to get out, “before the megalodon gets me!”

When was the last time YOU took a bath? If it’s been a while, might we recommend you try one again? Heavens knows there is enough going on in the ‘real world’, everyone could use a little down time! So claim your bath as a refuge again! It’s hard to feel weighted down when the gentle buoyancy of the water is making you weightless. Pop in a bath bomb or two (now on sale!), or, if you’re really feeling indulgent, add a capful of Honeybuns oil into the water.

And if you’ve really forgotten how to relax in a tub, just do what my daughter does: lean back until your head and shoulders are being held up by the water…submerging your ears so everything is muffled. Breathe big, deep breaths and listen to the air go in and out of your lungs. Close your eyes and smile. Then…and this is the most important part…dream. I don’t mean dream that you have a million dollars, or that your car was paid off, or that you never had to make breakfast again. Dream like you did when you were little. Dream a mermaid dream!

Happy soaping!

The Soapchix



  1. Cutest picture of your little one. I bet I haven’t taken a girly bath in a year. I should make it a priority this week!

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