Posted by: soapchix | October 27, 2008

Lemon + Spearmint = Joy!

Bath Bombinos, originally uploaded by SoapChickAsh.

Hello! Hello!
Just a quick post today about how fabulous the combination of Lemon and yummy spearmint is. Essentially (pun intended) it is truly invigorating and uplifting. I am not a morning person so this is my go-to scent when I am trying to perk myself up. I use the sugar scrub in this scent and it…is….heaven. It is also really great to use the Lemon Spearmint bombinos, shown in the photo, as a foot soak for weary feet. Oh so relaxing!

I bring this up now folks because I know how crazed everyone’s schedules are this time of year. I’m in the middle of planning two birthday parties, Thanksgiving, two family trips, helping with a school Fun Fair, a silent auction, taking photos for a friend, did I mention Christmas shopping?……darn this list! I really want to enjoy this time of year and not just “get through it.” So I’m going to remember to pamper myself during this crazy time and will be raiding our own supplies of Lemon Spearmint bombinos….and sugar scrub….and soap…you get the picture.


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