Posted by: soapchix | October 21, 2008

Beloved Stuffed Animals….and how to not lose them

popcorn, originally uploaded by SoapChickAsh.

I thought I’d post a quick little something completely unrelated to soap or bath products or shows today. We have a lot of parents that read our blog and I think they might find this tip useful…I sure did. For those of you who have a child that is not complete without a cherished stuffed animal cuddled in their arms, you know the absolute terror that is struck when a child utters, “I can’t find (insert silly stuffed animal name here)! Nothing will get me moving faster than my daughter Rowan telling me that her beloved Popcorn, the World’s Best Uuuuuuneeeecorn is not where it should be, namely in her chubby little fingers.

This happened to me one day at the mall of all freaking places. In a state of sheer, blind panic I called my husband to tell him that Popcorn was lost and I swear I started crying more than Rowan was. My dear hubby, in his this-is-not-a-good-time-for-this voice told me in no uncertain terms that I would not be allowed back in our house without Popcorn. I got it…we were at Defcon 1. There would be no happiness or sleep in our house for the next year if she wasn’t reunited with our hysterical 2 year old.

We searched for over an hour and miracle of miracles…found Popcorn.

Now Popcorn sports a shiny red dog tag and spunky pink color with her name and my cell number on it. It was less than $10 to get the dog tag made and the peace of mind it has created (say it with me folks): priceless.



  1. I just tucked Dakota in with her matching unicorn tonight, and thought of popcorn. :)

    We ‘lost’ Dakota’s blanket in a hotel in Colorado Springs and I was a mess. I kept telling the manager, “I’m not leaving here until we get it back…”

    I love your dog tag idea! :)

  2. It ocurrs to me that the girls have matching blankies, too! The world would just not be the same without purple blankies and sparkly unicorns!

    Here’s an idea for the blankets:
    those iron-on camp labels. If you are worried about having the child’s name on it with your phone number, just use the childs initials. Its all about the peace of mind (for toddlers and their parents)!

    Hopefully someone would see how beloved

  3. Thats a great idea – both my little ones – have blankies, and stuffies, they are everything! Thanks for the tip ladies!

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