Posted by: soapchix | October 10, 2008

Business Matters

Wild Child Baby Oil, originally uploaded by SoapChickAsh.

Hello! Hello!
Now that Tiff and I are separated by 1,019 miles of the U.S. between us, we are re-learning how to manage a small business. Granted, we hadn’t perfected running our business before I moved so far away, but we are trying. We took for granted that if one of us was out of stock of something, all we had to do was send one of our kids to the other person’s house with a request for that item. We’d send the messenger / delivery kid on their merry way with a cookie or even a few quarters as payment —easy peasy and CHEAP. Now, we are dealing with shipping and shipping costs and the who-has-what-when-and-why kind of inventory tracking. And, there really aren’t software programs designed for that….well, I guess there aren’t and if there were, Tiff has a Mac and I’m a loser PC user and you see where I’m going with this.
But we are quickly adapting to this new set of circumstances. We are getting pretty good at guessing when the other is likely home and available for a quick business chat. (I do miss being able to look out of my windows across my backyard to see if Tiff’s van is in the driveway….) I think that we are better at tracking inventory because it is that much more vital that we both know what needs to be made. And sometimes obstacles such as this make you work a bit harder and think a bit differently and that is always a good thing. So far at least.

So what’s my point? I don’t have one. Tiff and I just thought we’d blog a bit about our new dual office situation so that those of you out there with small businesses might get a kick out of it. And so that you’d realize that you are not alone dealing with odd situations or problems. Everyone running their own business has to become good at so many different tasks and usually with no time to do it.

So now you ask why I posted the photo of our Wild Child Baby oil to go with this article. My answer: I had no appropriate photo AND you really should try this stuff. Like any small business owner (or parent for that matter!), this blue bottle of yumminess is a serious multi-tasker. Want to know more, check out our website:


  1. I recently started working from home and have found tools like AOL Instant Messenger, Skyp and Google Aps to be god sends. The google thing is great too since you can have a spreadsheet (say for inventory) and both can have access anytime plus it tracks the history of who changed what. Very cool. You will find LOTS of tools out there that can help. It often amazes me.

    Good luck!

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