Posted by: soapchix | September 26, 2008

Sights at the Country Living Fair.

We’ll take a break from all our talk about our lovely soap at the Country Living Fair to turn our blogging eye toward what we saw all around us. And it was lovely!

For those of you at the show in Chicago two years ago, there was a similar theme of autumnal gorgeousness carried out with lots of hay bales, corn stalks, and the iconic 15 foot tall pumpkin pyramid.

pumpkin pile

Us vendors did our best to ‘bring the Country Living magazine to life’ by creating fantastic displays of our wares in the space allotted to us, and the effect was really amazing…especially with the backdrop of Ohio Village. It was like traveling back in time to a place where most shopping was still done by local farmers markets every saturday…and not a cheap, mass produced, lead coated piece of junk in sight.

Along our row

We were overjoyed to run into some old friends like The Farm Chicks and Janie’s Cakes (yum!), as well as to make new friends with Robert over at Mahar Dry Goods.

We ate the best pulled pork BBQ every afternoon, followed by honest to goodness freshly squeezed lemonade. We then followed it up by shoving Janie’s ‘Saucy Jane’ into our mouths (you would think we’d have been too full…). Then we’d take turns wandering around and browsing all of the one of a kind antiques and soaking up the relaxed and happy atmosphere. It was such a great show to be a part of!

Country Living Fair

Then the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through, sending debris and tree limbs falling down all around us.

Wind damage

That’s when we knew we had to get the hell outta there. But that’s a blog for another day…



  1. Another fun thing to see: Nancy Soriano, Editor of Country Living magazine strolling through our booth!

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