Posted by: soapchix | September 25, 2008

Overheard at the Fair, part 2

Country Living Show 2008, originally uploaded by SoapChickAsh.

Now that Tiff and I are back from the Country Living Fair we are trying to get back into the swing of things: shipping orders, whipping up new batches of lavender soap since it was gone, baby, gone after the Fair, and tallying up our bazillions of dollars and figuring out which yacht to purchase. So today while I was going through our sales books to figure out what (besides the lavender soap) was our best-seller, I found several sheets of paper that we had stuffed in the sales books. As much as I wish they were sales that we had forgotten about, what I found was still pretty funny…several of our Famous Lists.

Tiff and I like to make lists when we are having a particularly slow day during a show or are just feeling especially snarky. The lists could be about anything: places we want to go (to escape our families), reasons people like the Sham Wow over handcrafted soaps, celebrities we are in lust with, or reasons we are never going to do outdoor shows again. And for grins I thought I’d share one of our lists (one of the less snarky ones), made during several shows, with you.

Things we have heard at the Fair:
1. That smells too fancy.
2. That smells like soap.
3. That looks like cheese!
4. When looking at our sugar scrub: “is that applesauce? Wow!”
5. this one, over a loud speaker: “We have a little boy dressed as a ladybug (in the office)—will his mother please come and get him?”
6. I could make this soap if I wanted to.
7. Could you tell me your soap recipe?
8. Lyrics to a song we heard: “Like rain on a hot griddle, she siiiiiizzzzzlllllessss!” (Yes, those are actualy lyrics….really).

Any my favorite one so far:
9. This conversation overhead between a mother and her daughter:
Mother (very enthusiastic): “Come smell this! Wonderful soaps!”
Daughter (nearly comatose): “no.”
Mother (ramping up her enthusiasm): “no really…come smell these….ooooh.”
Daughter (now pissed off): “I don’t want to smell ANYTHING.”
Tiff (smiling): “then you are in the wrong booth…….”



  1. I need to work on my people skills.

    People watching at shows is *awesome*!

  2. you have great people skills…its those others that don’t!

  3. I was also selling at the CLF. I laughed out loud when I read the things people said to you. I don’t know how many people asked us how to make things, took pictures, said they could make it if they wanted to and even asked if I burn the edges of my frames and journals to get the chocolate brown look…, that would be ink. Feel free to light your things on fire though! What a weekend. Thanks for the smiles. Wish I would have met you.

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