Posted by: soapchix | September 19, 2008

Our booth at the Country Living Fair.

Setting up a booth for our soap shows is always a fun experience for Ashley and I. We have a handful of large display pieces that we use in our booth for farmer’s markets and open air shows–2 hungarian baby bathtubs (so cute!), a bakers rack, vintage milk bottle holders, bushels full of soap, a vintage 3 tiered rack, and some colorful baskets from the Container Store, to name a few of our staples. Because each show has a different ‘flow’ (how many sides of our booth are accessible from the walkway), our booth never looks the same at any show. We adapt and adjust as needed.

Ashley definately has the artistic vision for the booth, and it’s so much cuter because of her!

Before I get into how our booth was almost destroyed by the gale force winds sent by Hurricane Ike, here’s a look at how cute it was during the show:

Country Living Booth

And to think, all that cuteness started out in boxes with us wondering if we’d ever be able to fit it all into our rental van…

packing for the trip



  1. Seeing the photo of all that stuff on my driveway made me think: we did have an easier time packing for the show since we were missing a may-ja piece of equipment! :) But really no one needs to know about that but us..our readers…our super cute booth neighbor, Robert…Stella Shows management people…

    By the way, where did we get that lady with the period clothing? I seriously don’t remember packing her in the minivan.

  2. Your booth looks great…sorry about the crappy weather.

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