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Hello! Hello!
We are back from the Country Living Show with so much to say and almost no words…how does that happen? Tiff and I have been trying to make sense of this Show for the past 5 days and weren’t quite sure how to sum it up until a little voice in our rented minivan said what we were both thinking…recalculating. For those of you that don’t drive around with a GPS unit making all travel-related decisions, well hop on board, people! It’s fabulous and we have decided to nevah-evah travel without it (if we ever hit the road, that is!). So our dearly loved GPS unit, named Hugh by Tiff due to his sexy voice and an Australian accent, kept saying “recalculating” every time I either failed to understand him and missed a turn (which happened A LOT) or he was just pissed at us and threw that randomness out to throw us off.

But that word really is dead-on. We’ve all been at a time where we are thinking, “what have I been doing…why am I doing this….wtf…” We thought this after yet another show where the weather sucked (and blew…hardy har) and we weren’t sure that soap and fun and funky handmade bath products were what the shoppers were hankering for that day.

And to say that the weather was atrocious is a massive understatement. It rained on Friday. Saturday it was oppressive, mind-numbing heat that sapped our strength and drained our collective wills to live. Sunday it was a freak wind storm courtesy of hurricane Ike that rattled our tent and our very last nerves. We had to tear down our booth in a flurry of wind, flying tree limbs and panicking vendors and I was wearing….a SKIRT (great choice, Ash).

Right now, the idea of participating in another outdoor show has me saying heck no. No, no, no. And no again. But, and there always is one, we managed to have fun during all that craziness! We made some great new friends (which we’ll write about later)! And we were so happy when customers came in our booth and told us that everything smelled delicious and our soaps were beautiful. We have some new contacts that are interested in selling our soaps in their stores, too, so I’m already seeing the bright side of things again.

So we are recalculaitng our next move. As we do that we’ll put up some great photos of the amazing things we saw at the Show.



  1. You’re right…no words can explain what we just went through. Although, I read your headline and was immediately plunged right back into the rental car where RECALCULATING was pretty much all that Ms. Garmin would say. That or the silent treatment. She didn’t like us much.
    Thanks for the treats and the laughs! xoxoxoxo

  2. Stumbled on your blog via my mom. Was laughing outloud about your reflection of the CL show. Monday when I went back to the shop to unpack I checked messages. The first one was from a show sponsor wanting me to participate in their show in December. All I could do was write down the name and number…not a decision that should be made in my “Hurricane Ike state-of-mind”. :-) P.S. I live 40 minutes from the Ohio Village so my hometown had the pleasure of her visit too, we came home to no power, no water,no phones/internet, etc. Power just came on last night, internet today (I’ve been dying to see what everyone is blogging!!). Anyway…nothing what the folks in Galveston have endured. Thanks for blogging about the show. All in all it was great…I will do it again in a heartbeat but next time nothing breakable :-)
    (Sorry I didn’t get to see your wares too…sound lovely!!)

  3. I have been to a lot, a lot a lot a loooooot, of outdoor art/craft shows (my Stepfather makes a living selling wood turnings.) That is maybe the cutest, most inviting booth I’ve ever seen. Ever. Great job, chicks. :)

    Sorry the weather sucked, and the people weren’t buying. It’s hard when you invest money to go somewhere and then don’t make money back. But It’s hard to believe that the stuff doesn’t sell better in person than online. I mean, how can you not want it when it’s right there in front of you?

    Where are your funky aprons? How can you expect anyone to take you seriously w/out the apron? ;)

    Last thing – my GPS is Tim, and he’s an uptight Brit who never says “recalculating”, but he is constantly telling me to “Turn around when possible”. Yeah, thanks Tim.

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