Posted by: soapchix | September 3, 2008

(Bath) Bombs Away

Bath Bombs and soap, originally uploaded by SoapChickAsh.

Hello! Hello!
We are still in the thick of soap and bath stuff making right now, so if I misspell a lot of words in this post, please just assume that it is the bath bomb residue on my fingers that is causing typing problems. I’m just taking a break from this flurry of activity to reflect on all of the work that Tiff and I have done these last few months. Whew…we’re beat!

Whenever we approach a show, usually the week or so before, the doubts creep in. Did we make enough of x, y, or z? Did we choose the right scents?Is that new scent going to be a good seller? Are these bath bombs going to crumble into a million pieces on the drive out there? Can my husband really remember to dress the kids before schlepping them off to school?

Well, enough questions. We have decided that we have one more week of stress, chaos, and mayhem and then we are going to have fun, dammit. Two wild moms hitting the road, leaving the kids and hubbies behind and blaring the tunes as loud as we can handle it. (I’m sure much chocolate and Cherry cokes will be consumed along the way.) And then we’ll work our collective bums off at the show, sell the be-jeezus out of all this stuff and hit up our friends the Farm Chicks for some cute necklaces and fun stuff to reward us for all of the hard work.

So, we are looking forward to one week from now when all this stress and doubt is behind us. In the meantime, I have more bath bombs to make.


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