Posted by: soapchix | August 28, 2008

Soapmaking Fiasco

I was going to write a new post today about all the soap we’ve been whipping up for the Country Living Show. But instead I’m going to post something I had written way, way, waaaay back in February when we were also in the middle of a soapmaking marathon. I just came across it…forgotten that I had written it actually…and thought well, hey, one less thing to do today. So here ’tis:

We have been whipping up handmade soaps like crazy this past week. We cannot keep the Sweetheart Baby soap in stock (and I’m so thankfull…..that is my absolute favorite of our soaps!) and the last Bergamot Lime soap just went skipping off our shelves, too. With all of the talk about phtalates, we understand that people want a natural alternative and we are happy to be providing one! Like that Doritos or Lays potato chips or whatever commercial says, “we’ll make more!” Happily make more, I’ll add.

So this Valentine’s day morning I was whipping up a batch while the chillun’s were at school of our Wild Child Honeybear soap. This soap is scented with a blend of essential oils and has the delightfully yummy scent of honey and almonds. We found some great molds in the shape of teddy bears that we decided to use in the soaps since our Extruder just wasn’t cutting it…see previous post “R.I.P” for more on that piece o’ junk). So we made the little teddy’s first and boy are they cute….cocoa colored with drizzles of honey in them. Once they had cured I whipped up a batch of the Honeybear soap with ground organic oatmeal, some honey and some sweet almond oil. Fabulous (I feel like Rachel Ray as I describe this for some reason. I need to throw an E.V.O.O. in there somewhere….)! But when I lined up the teddy bears in a little line in our soap trough, I forgot that pouring the soap over them would move the little guys. Boy did it…at the moment that I started pouring the soap, each one of the teddy bears tipped over this way and that way….it was a teddy bear melee. I couldn’t straighten them out before the soap that I just poured began to gel, or set.

So….the soap is now a curin’ and I haven’t cut it into bars yet. I’m afraid of what the soap will look like…it smells great, and I know it’ll do what soap is supposed to do (and do it fabulously!) but I’m afraid that I’ll accidently behead one of the bears when I cut the soap. Or worse…we’ll cut it and there will be a teddy bear backside facing out of the soap. OK that would be funny but I am still a little concerned and embarassed at my apparent lack of skills! Hopefully i’ll perfect this process so i won’t have a (novice) fiasco like this in the future.

Update: We no longer mess with those cute little bears when making this soap after all that…the little bears looked like piles of something unmentionable when we cut into the soap. No one wants to wash a baby with something that looked like..uh, that. But the soap is fabulous even without the bears! The scent is a little whiff of heaven.


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