Posted by: soapchix | August 22, 2008

Night, Night!

soaps 3, originally uploaded by SoapChickAsh.

Hello! Hello!
We are happy to report that we’ve been working on bringing the Night, Night, Baby! soap back and oila! It’s here! See the cute little blue and white swirly soap in the bottom right corner of the photo?! Yep, that’s the one. It is the perfect soap to calm fussy babies (and toddlers!) and to send them off to baby dreamland. The gentle scent is a lovely, light mix of luscious lavender and calming chamomile and just a little bit of “ahhhhh.” Plus, there are absolutely no chemicals (phthalates be darned!) and just a little bit of ground organic oatmeal to keep baby’s skin baby-soft.

And best of all? It works on fussy moms and dads, too. (I know, because I am one.) Enjoy!

PS We’ll be putting the Night, Night, Baby on our website very shortly.



  1. I used some tonight, for myself. :)

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