Posted by: soapchix | August 18, 2008

Country Living Show!

new display table, originally uploaded by soapchicka.

Hello! Hello!
We’re gearing up for the Country Living Show in Ohio this September and that means that my brain is in “booth-sprucing up” mode. So I dragged my whole family to the Lake Country Flea Market here in Illinoying last Sunday in hopes of finding that perfect something to display our soaps and such. The stars were definitely aligned that day because I found the cuuuu-test table for our booth. It just so happened to be painted a lovely robin’s egg blue and a kickin’ red and had that Grandma’s-old-farmhouse look to it. Even better…the little drawer was broken at some point in its past and the owner used a cigar box lid to hold the drawer together. So charming!

We’ll be writing more about the Country Living show over the next few weeks. Check out to read more about this not-to-be-missed show.



  1. I can’t wait to see it! And wow–something that you don’t have to paint over! It’s a miracle!

    Now tell me about the cute yellow box thing in the corner…

  2. Yes, that is cute, isn’t it? According to the nice vendor that sold it to me, it is some sort of berry box.

    I don’t know if she’s correct or just took me for a rube but it really doesn’t matter…it is just so perfect in my office!

    And no, I’m not sharing it. But yes, I’ll try to find another one (for you, Tiff!).

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