Posted by: soapchix | August 14, 2008

Soap With a Message

smiling soap, originally uploaded by soapchicka.

I think the photo really speaks for itself….our soap is apparently as happy to just be as we are happy to make it.

By the way, this soap is our new Coco-Almond coconut milk soap. Look for it on at our website soon! Same great price (our smiley faces don’t cost extra!)



  1. What happy soap!

    You just need to find an image of baby Jesus or the Virgin Mary and it’ll be huge news.

  2. It even has a cocoa nose! :) This is a good omen!

    Remember our first batch of cinnamon orange, and the happy face it had?

  3. “this is the happiest soap I know…”

    do you know any Laurie Berkner tunes? ;)

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