Posted by: soapchix | August 11, 2008

Flower Child

Hi Everyone. Soapchix Ash here. If y’all wouldn’t mind indulging me for a minute I thought I’d share a quick story about my little one. Many if not most of our readers are parents, and those of you who aren’t can certainly appreciate the level of stress that the little havoc-wreakers can create. My two girls are no exception and I think that the stress of our recent move across country has manifested itself in some rather challenging (a nice word for it!) behavior. So dealing with these interesting kiddie hijinks (in addition to making a gagillion bars of soap) have left me a bit, oh, I don’t know…testy, on edge, annoyed, miffed…choose a word and it will surely apply.

But with the fits of whining (mine) and the emptying of my entire closet (them) all over the house come the moments that allow you to smile, take a breath and realize how truly sweet the little monsters really are. After a particularly long and frustrating afternoon, I took a break and excused myself to the flower garden for a few moments of quiet and a little weeding. I felt a little tug at my elbow and it was my 3 and 1/2 year old pulling me to the garage. She had a surprise for me and was so proud of herself that she seemed to hover over the grass as she led me to my car. There she pointed and said, “I did something amazing to your car…its so bew-teefullll!” I prepared myself for the worst….expensive car repairs or a long painful explanation to my husband about how I allowed our offspring to re-paint our car grape-soda-purple…oh, lordy. Instead I found that she had lovingly picked an echinacea flower and stuck it in my car ignition. She said “tah-da…I surprised you!” and I couldn’t help but sigh with relief and thank her profusely for her thoughtful gift.

It was such a sweet little gift even if it did require a thorough examination of the ignition switch. (I really, really didn’t want to explain to my hubby that 1. our daughter got into the car by herself completely unbeknowst to me and 2. the car no longer runs due to a foreign biological agent in the ignition.)

Enjoy the photos and have a relaxing, stress-free day.
flower in ignition switch


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