Posted by: soapchix | July 24, 2008


Hello Everyone! Soapchix Ash here after a few weeks (or months maybe) off. So here’s the scoop. Gosh I hate writing this….my family relocated to Highland Park, Illinois for my hubby’s job. There…I wrote it and no, it doesn’t feel any better. I miss Tiff, I miss her kids, I miss Colorado, I miss the front porch on my old house…so. So the good news is that Tiff and I have figured a way how to continue our beloved soap biz together and that makes me incredibly happy. The last few weeks/months have been one great big pain in my arse…selling a house (it can be done in this market!), packing, finding a new place to live in Chicago (OMG!!!), and let’s not even get into the 1,100 mile drive with two sad kids, one cat and a beta fish. Plus, and here is where I become a martyr: I did this by myself. Well, not the driving (because I’m not THAT crazy) but the rest of it. Wes was in Chicago working on geeky genetics stuff while I was home trying not to lose my religion (southern-speak for going bat-shit crazy).

Wes bought me an incredible new camera as my thanks-for-not-leaving-me gift. I’m always up for bribery so I accepted and happily snapped some shots on our long drive out here. One photo I took seemed to be projecting the thoughts screaming in my head as we headed into our new home state.

<img src=”illinois sign” alt=”” />

As tough as this transition has been, I can honestly say that I feel really pretty lucky. I have the world’s best business partner. Tiff has been amazingly supportive during this whole thing. She has been the one minding the store, literally, while I’ve been dealing with the move and, well, to be honest, I did fit in a 3 week vacation to the beach, too! So I’m back and I’ll be updating y’all on what life is like here in Illi-no! Or Illinoying as we now choose to call it.



  1. Awww, Ashley….once you get past the really, really crappy weather, it’s a fabulous place to live. Well, I can only speak for the western suburbs…but you do have Ravinia up there, which is amazing! ;)

  2. It really isn’t so bad! I’m tiffs friend, and I’m way south in Joliet. Get a gps and you will be going everywhere, you have a lot going on up on the northside. Take care and good luck! If you need anything, just send me an email we can meet at the brookfield zoo if your up to it.

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