Posted by: soapchix | June 16, 2008

You know you’re a soapchix when…

(I interrupt this long lull in blogging to bring you this entertaining snippet of my life as a Soapchix)

So, you know you’re a soapchix when…your 4 year old daughter, upon spotting some whipped butter set out on tables for a buffet–before you can restrain her–immediately climbs up on top of those tables, exclaims, “OH! It’s some SHEA BUTTER!” and scoops out a handful to rub all over her arms and legs.

The people watching this amusing scene of a little girl rubbing butter all over herself probably felt sorry for her complete lack of social etiquette or understanding of the concept of ‘butter’. Somehow, yelling out, “It’s OK everyone! I make soaps & stuff for a living! Honest mistake!” didn’t seem to be a great solution.

I once thought cleaning Crisco off the floors of my kitchen (same daughter, only at 3) was the hardest thing. Turns out, getting whipped butter off of a squirmy 4 year old is even harder!


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