Posted by: soapchix | May 11, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day!

One of the best parts of Serendipity Bath Co. is the chance it gives Ash and I to interact with cool, hip, amazing moms. We deal mostly with women (moms!) looking for safe, gentle, natural soaps for their kids. In true mom fashion, initially the focus is on Wild Child products for kids and babies…not for anything for yourselves. That’s why we put a little special sample and gift in every shipment–because we’re looking out for you moms, too! Because you deserve the same quality and gentleness in your bath products as your baby does.

This Mother’s Day we were so happy to see orders coming in from the fella’s, for all you hardworking moms. It was extra fun to fill the orders knowing that they’d be received as really special gifts on a really special day. We get giddy just thinking about how well deserved our pampering products are for busy ladies like you.

Happy Mothers Day from the Soapchix (and kids!)

The cowboys in back aren’t our kids, btw…they were part of a show we saw while in Moab…but this is the only picture I have with Ash and I and all our kids.


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