Posted by: soapchix | May 3, 2008

CamelBak bottles-without BPA’s!

Camelbak plastic bottles finally made it to my local REI store!

This is great timing, as I am about to whisk my family away to Mt. Rushmore/Devils Tower for some serious hiking and camping. By hiking, I mean ‘walking leisurely around flat, marked trails’, and by camping I mean ‘sleeping under electric blankets in cozy KOA cabins’. Either way, we’ll need to drink lots of water and I’m happy to take along my BPA/Phthalate free Camelbak plastic bottles.

I chose the classic cap for myself, just because they only had that in a nice tangerine color. The kids and hubby each are trying the spill proof bottle in various shades of cool. Interesting, my classic cap bottle has no recycle code on the bottom. When I contacted the company, they said it was due mainly to all the confusion that the #7 is causing ‘the public’. Meaning, that enough people were freaking out and avoiding #7 plastics, CamelBak removed the number altogether since the bottle is meant to be reused, not recycled. But eventually, these bottles will need to be discarded, and with a 7 code (even if it’s not imprinted on the bottom!) they cannot be processed or recycled–and will end up in a landfill. Boo!

But that’s just a dark cloud in the sky on an otherwise wonderfully empowering change. Sitting back and watching the overwhelming response from companies like Walmart, Toys ‘R us, Rubbermaid, Camelbak and Playtex regarding their BPA policies has been absolutely exciteriffic! It’s been so fun, I’ve started making up words that combine two different states of joy in one!

These changes show just how powerful consumer choice and behavior are to a big business industry.

So, thank you CamelBak! I may be without cable, kitchens, and bathrooms that I don’t share with an entire campgrounds…but I’ll have my trusty CamelBak by my side!



  1. The bottles are cool but I recently got an Octane hydration camelbak… I like being able to carry it on my back vs lugging around the individual water bottles.

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