Posted by: soapchix | April 23, 2008

“The secret to summer-ready legs”

I just read a lovely article over at Shine, called “The Secret to Summer Ready Legs”. As soon as I saw the title, I knew I had to read it…I’m a sucker for any kind of beauty secrets. Some may say it’s more along the lines of “I’m obsessive about any kind of beauty secrets” but hey, that’s a good thing when I’m running a bath and body shop.

While reading it, something happened that hasn’t before. I knew the secret. I HAD the secret! I was USING the secret! Are you ready to know what ‘the secret’ is?

Really ready?!


Yes, the same polyunsaturated oil that is good for your heart is just as good for your skin. The article points out:

“That’s because it’s very high in linoleic acid, a fatty acid that skin normally makes to keep its moisture level up and barrier function intact,” says New York City dermatologist Amy Wechsler, MD, RealAge’s skin expert. Since our body’s linoleic acid production gets sluggish as we age, it helps to replace it from the outside.

Along with being odorless, safflower oil has the advantage of being colorless. And that’s not all. Safe enough for sensitive skin, it’s so gentle that it’s massaged into newborn babies’ skin at some hospitals.

If you’re not sure about moisturizing with pure cooking oil (and the beauty industry sincerely hopes you aren’t), you can find safflower oil in moisturizers, lip balms, and scrubs. “Look for a product that lists it among the first three ingredients, which means it contains a high concentration of the oil,” says Dr. Wechsler.

Although this natural oil is one of Wechsler’s favorite treatments for dry lower legs, where flakiness can be especially persistent, you can use it body-wide.

And we Soapchix do! We love to use it all over, and Safflower oil is one of the main ingredients in our ‘Gimme Some Sugar!‘ scrub, ‘Honeybear’ Bath & Body oil, and (still to be unnamed until we come up with something that doesn’t infringe on Scott Barnes trademark) Whipped Shea Butter. Up until now, I, Soapchix Tiff would have DIED if anyone suggested putting MORE OIL on my oil prone face. However, safflower oil is light, easily absorbed, and totally awesome for wrinkles. Not that I have wrinkles, you understand. But if I did have them, say, around my eyes and on my forehead, then safflower oil would be great for them.

You can test this out by dabbing a little oil on your cuticles the next time you’re cooking up some stir fry (and if you haven’t tried cooking with safflower oil, you can pick some up at the grocery store). It’s so nice! Which is why we’ve included it in our repetoire of Lucky 7 Oils and made it a part of our product line.

I knew it was a winner after putting our scrubs and honeybuns oil to a rigorous test: me, my legs (and arms!), and a southern California beach for a week. Yes, I suffered through a week of swimming in the salty ocean, running on the beach, laying out in the drying sun (with sunscreen! Always!), and generally lazing about. Never let my dedication to Serendipity be questioned. I did everything I could to dry out my skin, while at the same time using the Sugar scrub in the shower, Honeybuns Oil after the shower, and Whipped Shea Butter in between. And as hard as I tried–no matter how long I stayed outside in the sun and surf (and I made sure to stay out all day just to make sure)–my skin stayed soft and flake free. I even took a picture (with my 3 year old in the background) to prove it.

Now you know the secret, your legs can be free from looking ashy and dry…even at the pool!


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