Posted by: soapchix | April 20, 2008

The Color of Nature.

Ash and I are in the process of gussying up Serendipity Soap Co…to do this we’ve hired some good people to give us their professional opinions about things like websites, logos, marketing, graphic design, and the kicker…color design.

The professional opinion is that natural companies, like ours, need to reflect that feel in the colors that are used. Therefor, almost all natural companies are swathed in pale yellow, green, blue, grey and taupe. This is to make a connection to natural things like moss, wheat, patchouli, and hemp.

Ashley and I have always seen nature in a different light. This probably has a lot to do with having young kids around, showing us the beauty of everything…even weeds.

Also, the local Farmer’s Market is a source of abundant and vibrant color.

Ash and my gardens also hold a rich supply of inspiration in bright flowers and fresh vegetables.

And even when nature is settling in for a long winters nap, she manages to give us one last display of reds and golds…best explored in a Snow White dress.

My favorite color of nature is the brazen painting of the twighlight Colorado sky! I think this is what’s responsible for the eco-consciousness of Boulder. This kind of beauty is very affecting.

But I also can’t forget the wonderful time spent outdoors on Big Stone Lake, as the guest of Kathy at ‘A View From Here.’ She was a gracious hostess and I fell in love with these beautifully painted cabins…set perfectly in the trees.

As you can see, our experiences with the color of nature are way beyond pastels and taupes. Nature isn’t static, or muted, or bland…how could we use any colors other than the ones that reflect the nature that we know and love so well…whimsical, bright, intense, riotous, exciting, bold, and inspirational. We can’t help but put a little of that feel into our wildly lucky soaps, and we can’t help but put a little of that into our website, logo, and packaging!

I think we’re giving our design team fits but they’ve come around and slowly, slowly we are getting closer to the grand reveal of our exciting imporvements to our website & Serendipity. We’re ready to get this party started!



  1. I love colors too! If I paint one more thing my husband will go crazy! thanks for sharing.

  2. I can’t wait for the big, bold, colorful reveal! Bring it on!

    xoxox Amy

    p.s. I tagged you gals for a blog award. You’re the best!

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