Posted by: soapchix | April 16, 2008


So, the end of tax day is near. Can I get a ‘Hell ya!’

I think my headache is lifting.

My nervous twitch, however, will be staying around until I get our assorted papers and receipts re-filed.

It was fun, though, going through our expenses and remembering all the great places we ate at while on the road for shows & other business related stuff. (Happy Sumo…yum!)

It was also fun to see that we really and truly are running in the black! The first year we funded it through our personal bank accounts (ouch!). The second year we funded it by turning all profits back into the business. This past year we used the money to grow Serendipity, and had a little something something left over. If we continue to grow at this pace, next year you’ll find us celebrating tax day in Mexico with a cabana boy at our beck and call.



  1. Thats great news for you guys- really, awesome!

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