Posted by: soapchix | April 2, 2008

The Soapchix Great Adventure, part 2.

So, we planned on blogging every minute detail of our odyssey across Colorado, just to prove we could discuss other things besides scary things in commercial bath products.

However! Traveling with our 5 kids is kicking our soapy butts at the moment (just think…vomit, tantrums, whining, constant demands, more vomit, oh, and even more vomit.) But when all is going well, it’s amazing! I’ll leave you with a quick idea of what we’ve seen so far, before I go pass out in my questionable Motel 8 bed:

First, let me say that we are so outnumbered. My 3 kids, Ash’s 2 kids, compared to just us two mamma’s.

Great Sand Dunes NP. I’d never seen this before! Ash and I realized that the sand really slowed the kids down, so we made a break for it.

Great Sand Dunes, Co.

Then we drove up to Mesa Verde. And by up, I mean we drove up the scariest road we’ve ever been on. I’ll tell you about it later, after I’ve stopped shaking and cursing under my breath. We got out to take pictures, but as you can see, Ashley is too scared to look down.

I had a different reaction.

“If I have to clean nasty vomit out of my car one more time, I’m jumping. Seriously, people, I’m going to jump!”

This trip brought to you by our “You Go, Girl!” travel pack. Convenient sized sugar scrub, whipped shea butter, honeybuns oil, and 2 travel soaps all in one great travel bag…for girls on the go!


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