Posted by: soapchix | March 21, 2008

The Soapchix Great Adventure ’08, part 1.

Spring fever has hit us pretty hard here in cold, windy, snowy Colorado. This winter has given us a serious case of cabin fever and Ash and I started thinking about all the places on our ‘Have To See Before We Have Anymore Kids’ list. Actually, since we’ve both decided our youngest girls are our final familial additions (any coincidence they’re both in the ‘threatening three’ stage?) the new list name is “Have To See Before Another Year Goes By’.

Usually we plan these trips around existing business trips, so we can claim that we’re ‘working’ and ‘not having any fun at all’. It’s the reason why we have soap all over the country but not in Colorado. Up till now, we haven’t taken many trips around our home state.

But all that will change when we take our Great Adventure ’08! We’ve decided to stay closer to home for our upcoming roadtrip…and since we have no soap shows to attend (ergo, no excuse to get away) we are taking all the kids with us. Her two and my three. We’ll just fit perfectly in my minivan ‘o fun, soon to be rechristened something more peppy for our brave Adventure where we are outnumbered by kids 3 to 1.

We briefly considered using the business credit card to fund this weeklong outing, but all our spare change is going towards a little something called ‘new website ’08’. So, we decided to hold a joint garage sale.

We gathered all our superfluous items around our houses, put price stickers on, advertised on Craigslist, and sat back and waited for the masses of people to fund our trip with their money.

But, dude. It was hard for me. I am sentimental by nature and it killed me to put $1 on a toy that is worth more for all the memories than it is at a garage sale. Going through the baby stuff was the hardest. I mean, deciding to not have any more kids is one thing….depopulating my entire home of 11 years of baby stuff is quite another. How can I bail out all this great gear?!

But it had to be done. Both of us set out our mostly baby things and then sat back and cried on each others shoulders. It was the final nail in the womb, as it were. Buh-bye baby stuff.

Except we found out that garage sale-ing has changed with the popularity of ebay and craigslist. Instead of looking for things to use personally, so many people were out looking for a profit…thus, really lowballing us on the prices. It was hard enough to put a price on everything anyway…no way was I going to firesale it all. After an afternoon of practically giving the stuff away, Ash and I packed up shop and took everything we didn’t sell to a local charity. We figured if someone was going to make a profit off of it, at least it should go to a worthy cause.

We then counted all our profit, put it in a jar labeled ‘Great Adventure ’08’, loaded our kids and the jar into the minivan ‘o fun and took everything to Krispy Kreme. There, we blew through our Adventure money on dozens of donuts to celebrate the end of the garage sale.

We picked Krispy Kreme for a couple of reasons: 1) It reminds us of Atlanta, where we both lived at different times and both had babies in the same hospital 3 years apart. 2) It’s practically health food. No Transfat! No sweetening agents! No phthalates or parabens! (Oh, wait, that’s our soap).

So, we’re back at square one. We have no money, but we have lots of verve and pep. That’ll get a girl somewhere, right? The Soapchix Great Adventure ’08 is going forward!

And where, you ask, are we going? We thought you’d never ask. We’re heading to Moab, UT. to visit Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and the Colorado River! Then, we’re taking the party down to the Four Corners so we can all stand in a different State at the same time and take lots of pictures! We’ll also be visiting Mesa Verde and taking a short train ride. Our itinerary isn’t much more filled in than that, so if you have been any of those places and have some “Must Do!” suggestions, please leave a comment or email us at soapchix(at)gmail(dot)com.

We’re counting down the days until Ash’s kids are on their spring break in two weeks!



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  2. Ack! You’ve sold that great circle baby playmat/whatever the hell you want to call it that tiny baby Jonas lounged on. That thing was great. I remember wondering if it was possible to sneak it out of your house in my carry-on. ;)

    “The final nail in the womb” cracked me up. You have my sympathies, ladies. I hate getting rid of baby stuff.

  3. […] am currently in talks with my soap partner in crime to take all our kids, pack up my minivan, and head to Moab, Ut, down to Four Corners, over to […]

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