Posted by: soapchix | March 9, 2008

Nice Things You’ve Said.

Ash and I agree that the best part of Serendipity Bath Co. is getting the feedback from happy customers. It’s always nice to check into our email and find notes about how our natural soaps and baby products have helped to relieve eczema in kids, or how much fun our scrubs are in the shower for tired, overworked moms.

With kids still underfoot, Ash and I are used to doing lots of things for lots of people, usually without a verbal acknowlegement. As busy moms, we know we’re not alone in this! It’s just part of the job. That’s not to say we don’t get little tokens of love and appreciation during the day…just, not in the same language as you’ve written in your nice emails. We’re more used to notes like this:


which was left by my 8 year old boy. He has such a way with words, doesn’t he?!

A lovely customer, Ashley, was much more eloquent when she wrote:

I just got out of the tub and CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE SOAP AND BATH BOMB!!! They rock! First of all, I’ve never gotten out of a bath feeling so SOFT (and not greasy)!!! My skin looked like it was glowing! Thank you, thank you thank you. Definintely a customer for life and someone who will be stocking up on soaps for everyone I know!!!

Melissa flatters us by noticing:

Your soaps are so pretty!

and then goes on to ask:

Do you let locals come and sniff test your goodies? =)

Usually we don’t let just anyone sniff test our goodies, but how can we say no when someone says something so nice? We’re easy like that.

Leah wanted us to know:

My kids and I love your products. We are hooked. One of the products I ordered the first time, Sweetheart Baby, was on back order. Do you have any idea when that will become available?

Awww, we love knowing people use and love our products, but we feel extra happy thinking about them making bath time fun for kids! And, as of right now, Sweetheart, Baby is back in stock and shipping quickly! In fact, the demand has been so high for our baby products that we’re thisclose to announcing a brand spanking new scent for the Wild Child line. “Birth” announcement coming soon for our new bundle of soap.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to write and tell us how much you enjoy your soaps and bath products from Serendipity Bath Co.!



  1. Your son’s penmanship is excellent – you must be proud!

    I love your soaps & am so happy that I have a circle of friends here who all order with me so that we can enjoy the free shipping that you offer for $100+ orders.

    xoxox Amy

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