Posted by: soapchix | February 28, 2008

Scott Barnes Called and He Wants His Body Bling Back

A mind-boggling thing happened to me. Brace yourself, people….I talked to a celebrity today! No, not Bono (THE great one as far as Tiff and I are concerned!), but one of the greatest makeup artists around. Why, you ask? We’ll get to that in a minute.

First, I have to set the scene. I was hauling it up a country road to get to my daughter’s pre-school in the next town over and I was running laaaaate. So my cell phone rings and I saw that it was a number that I did not recognize. Thinking it could be a customer, I answered it. Wham-O.

“Ashley, Hi, this is Scott Barnes“…pause…”I’m a makeup artist in NYC and have my own line of cosmetics.”


He went on. “My clients include Jennifer Lopez…” Wait a minute….did this dude just say something about J.Lo?…OK Ash, don’t miss your turn…watch your speed. “Yes?” I say. So he starts talking about his lines of products, his makeup, something about Barney’s in New York and pretty soon I realize that this wasn’t a joke. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why a professional makeup artist was calling ME. But before I tell you that reason, let me say that he was the NICEST guy. He had been to our website…..a nugget of info that I just can’t seem to get over, and had some great advice about trademarking names. And he said that he thought our website was “cute.”


So maybe you can see where this is going. Apparently Tiff and I were about to get a “Cease and Desist” letter from Mr. Barnes’ attorney because the of use of the name Body Bling. So, as nice as he was, he was calling to give me a good ole fashioned ass whuppin’. I thought I might wreck my car as I was listening to him say, “so I have a product called Body’s a body lotion ….it was featured on Oprah….” Dah-yum… know that sinking feeling in your belly when your husband gets to the credit card statement before you do? My belly had dropped out of the bottom of my feet and was heading for the border. I knew where this was going. Scott Barnes wasn’t calling me to invite Tiff and I to his new TV show, which he told me he is working on for Bravo, by the way. He was calling me in a very polite manner to let me know that we had been infringing on his trademarked product name. And I completely understand that there is an issue. And I respect the fact that he called me first and was so friendly on the phone…we actually chatted briefly about Project Runway! But still, that is not a phone call that I really wanted to get at 11:30 on a Wednesday….while I’m driving….and late….and well, I really wish Tiff had taken this call!

So, I got schooled by Scott Barnes. You simply must check out his websites: and I couldn’t have chosen a nicer person to receive a “Cease and Desist” letter from (again, except maybe Bono…maybe that can be a goal for 2009). But I am kicking myself a bit right now: I really should have asked him to dish about all the celebrities that he has worked on before we got off the phone….Oh, well.

Tiff and I have decided to frame our very first piece of litigation in honor of this, well, dis-honor. And as far as Body Bling, goes…buh-bye cute name. We’ll continue to make our fabulous whipped shea butter, but we’ll be doing some serious “google-ing” before we put a name on it!




  1. Damn! I know that punch-in-the-stomach feeling. Hey, wouldn’t it be great if our husbands were as nice as Mr. Barnes when they open the bills!?!? This is why I usually have a nice meal prepared, am freshly lathered in your soap & have tons of Whipped Shea Butter in all the right spots….. Impossible for my husband to get upset over a few pairs of shoes from Nordstrom’s.

    Congratulations on your copy right infringement! At least it was Scott Barnes, someone BIG, not some half-baked wacko from Weiner, AR (nice place, by the way).

  2. Whoa, does that mean that my li’l tin of bling is now a collector’s item?? ;)

  3. […] realizing that we were ripping off J.Lo’s makeup artist by using the name ‘Body Bling’ for our Whipped Sh…, we decided it’s better to change the name than get […]

  4. I was thinking of the name Tres Jolie. French translation for Very Beautiful. BUT, let’s call it Shea Jolie. Which is beautiful shea butter. This is why they pay me the big bucks. LOL.
    I think you girls are amazing. And thank you for the blog spot on your site.
    Stay gorgeous,

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