Posted by: soapchix | February 27, 2008

What’s in Suave Baby Shampoo, anyway?

Inquiring minds want to know…if phthalates, parabens, and other no good chemicals are in Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Wash, then what is in my other baby soaps?

I had exactly three things to do tonight…pack up more soap orders, write and post this blog, and brush my teeth. I got the soap orders together even though at precisely the time my kids went to bed I realized that the tingling sensation in my neck and head was the nasty head cold coming to get me like it had gotten my daughter. I’m figuring, using her as an example, by tomorrow I will be cranky, stuffed up, and only wanting to grab people’s hands while whining “I’m COLD! I don’t want a blanket! I don’t want to lie down! I’m COLD!”

I was tempted to bail out on the blogging tonight, but seeing that this was American Idol night, all I could hear in my brain was Simon Cowell saying “These people don’t care if you’re sick! They just want a good show! You can’t give them excuses, just give them a good show!” And so here I am, and here we go with a good show. I mean, what is better than diagramming a picture of a soap label?

Suave Baby Wash

I have highlighted all the things that score 4 or higher on the Cosmetics Database list of chemicals that are ‘Moderate’ in toxicity. Some of them you may remember from my ‘What’s in your baby shampoo’ blog. (Anyone? Bueller?)

There’s the dreaded Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Used as a foaming agent, to pump up the lather. If I use anything with this stuff in it, I feel like I’m on fire by the end of the day. Especially when it’s in shampoo…my scalp just burns and burns.

There’s our friend coco-whatever betaine, used to extend the life of a product. So you can buy a bottle of shampoo that’s a year old…isn’t that nice?

And looky there…fragrance is trying to hide by wrapping itself around two lines. Fragrance is the scariest thing on here, believe it or not. Companies like to hide things in there, like phthalates. No fragrance is a good fragrance, unless it specifically says ‘No Phthalates’ on the outside of the bottle.

Sodium EDTA is responsible for piledriving all these things deep into your baby’s skin. No thank you.

Sodium Citrate is a new one, and on the Cosmetic Database it’s the only one that has a ‘mild’ toxic level. I just highlighted it because it irks me…it’s a PH balancer. Well, guess what? If you make a natural soap, then it has a balanced PH level already. And if it doesn’t, you don’t use it. What you don’t do is chemically alter the PH balance after the fact with another chemical. Enough already!

The other, unhighlighted things, are inconsequential to toxicity in different studies, so I left them alone.

I also highlighted the phone number for Suave. I’m thinking that they are rather consumer driven, and would really love it to hear some feedback. Something along the lines of, “Hey! I’m onto you guys! Take that crap out of my child’s soap!”

All things considered, if I were stuck on an island and had to choose between using Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Wash and Suave Baby Wash, I would mix up some sand with a little coconut milk and use a nice gentle salt scrub. If that weren’t an option, then I would use the Suave, just because it is lacking something that Johnson’s and Johnson’s has all up in it.

Anyone know what it is? Anyone? Bueller? I’ll give you a gold star if you can tell me what Johnson’s has in it that Suave doesn’t!



  1. I say its parabens

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