Posted by: soapchix | February 18, 2008

What’s Cookin’!

Sometimes, Ash and I make soaps ‘n stuff together, usually after the kids go to bed, and always with massive amounts of chocolate (For us, not the soap!). Lately, we’ve had to divide and conquer. We can either make 60 bars together, or 120 bars apart. Economically speaking, it’s better to go for quantity…especially with backordered soaps piling up on our collective psyche.

Serendipity Soaps!

So, Ash has made batches of our Sweetheart, Baby!, Twinkle, Baby!, Lavender, and Bergamot Lime. I’ve made Rosemary Mint and whipped up tins of Baby Balm in assorted scents. We may not be doing it together, but we still manage to consume massive amounts of chocolate.

Ash and I have also been hard at work going to honest to goodness, get dressed up and look professional, business meetings downtown. This is quite a change from our usual discussions, held in generally less official surroundings and more casual dress. (As in…we meet up in one or the other’s kitchen while wearing t-shirts, sweats, and chasing kids around.) (Well, actually, Ash always looks cute, it’s me in grungy sweats.)

We have some exciting things up our sleeves, and big changes planned, and for most of it we need some help and guidance from people who get paid for these sorts of things. I can’t say much while we’re still in the ‘creating our vision’ process, but it’s exciting for us and another leap of faith into unknown territory.

As Bill and Ted might say…big things are afoot at the Circle K!



  1. Oooh…. I can’t wait to hear the news! Don’t keep us waiting too long.

    xoxox Amy

  2. Just read your comments via the iVillage baby products issue… You’ve got a cool thing here! I’m a work-from-home graphic designer w/lots of marketing experience and mother of 2 (2 yrs and 6 mos). Let me know if you need any help. Can’t wait! Happy Mama – Melissa

  3. Ok, the Bill and Ted reference cracked me up. Good luck w/ your “big things”. :D

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