Posted by: soapchix | February 14, 2008

Sweethearts for a Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

We haven’t just been busy making Valentine’s arts and crafts with our kids…we’ve also been whipping up more Sweetheart, Baby! soap. We’ve had a run on it ever since the rucus started about phthalates, and we are happy to announce that Sweetheart is back in stock and our orders are being filled right on time!
Lavender Ylang Ylang natural soap

This little gem is in our Wild Child natural soap collection, and gently scented with lavender and ylang ylang essential oils. It comes with a cute little heart in the center and is mixed not only with coconut, palm & olive oils but also superfatted with cocoa and shea butter and avocado oil for extra softness.

Ash and I can’t resist…this is one scent that we use ourselves…why should baby be the only one feeling and smelling so good!



  1. LOVE this one!!! This was in the package my mom sent….. Thanks mom!

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