Posted by: soapchix | February 9, 2008

Quite a week!

This has certainly been an exciting week for Ash and I and our little soap, too! The press coverage of the phthalate article in the Journal of Pediatrics certainly spiced up our blog and website viewership, as well as demand for our phthalate free baby bath products.

(Do you notice how often I’ve been saying that all week? Phthalate free baby bath….phthalate free baby bath…I can’t stop typing it. It’s like a tongue twister for my typing fingers.)

In the cosmic way of balancing things out, the crush of orders coincided with both the Soapdudes being out of town, and all the soap ducklings getting massive head colds. So, it’s kept us on our toes. But it’s so exciting to see all the products packaged up and being sent out to their new homes.
serendipity bath co.



  1. Yay! Coz I know one of those packages is for ME!!! Can you plz add a brazenberry or sugared violet 4 oz shea to my order. My son’s swim coach is preparing for the Olympic trials & I’m think’n blue (first place) would be most appropriate. Not to mention, swimming everyday is terrible for the skin,. My son has to use my shea every day….. You see how that can be a problem.

    XOXOX Amy

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