Posted by: soapchix | February 1, 2008

New Contest!

Hello Everyone. So the other day I posted an update of what’s going on here at our little roost and I mentioned that we have some fun stuff coming up. Well, the universe must have been in perfect alignment because as I was writing that, my dearest friend Amy was concocting a fun idea of her own. She, like myself, is new to the whole blogging world but, unlike myself, she has really found her voice and has quickly become a writing diva. Now she is sponsoring a Bake Off and has asked us to participate. So Tiff and I are providing the prizes for the lucky winner (and helping to judge who wins so be extra nice to us)! Yippee!

We ask everyone to check out her blog at

to read more about the contest (and the wonderful description of our products!). The contest theme is the Most Pleasing Dessert. Whatever dessert you choose to make, that’s great….just do 3 things: photograph your delectable creation, take a photograph of the process of cooking / baking, and post the results and your recipe on your blog or email us the photos and the recipe (for those who don’t blog).

The Contest Rules are simple:

All entries must be posted or emailed to us ( bencomobaby@ and )* by February 29, 2008
By entering this contest, you agree to divulge your secrets (ie. your personal recipe or its source)
If you are friends, relatives, neighbors, or mere acquaintances of any of the judges (Amy, me or Tiff), then you not only qualify to participate in this contest, but are strongly encouraged to do so!

So that’s about it, folks. I know that we have some really creative readers out there and I think this will be a fun way for all of us to connect. Plus, one lucky winner will have some of our fabulous soaps and bath products sent to them for free…a realy win-win isn’t it!

In honor of the contest, even though I can’t win, I’m going to post pics and my grandmother’s recipe for Boiled Custard in the next day or so. Enjoy!


What we are usually cooking up……



  1. Ooooh, I can’t wait!!!! So far, I have 2 cousins, an aunt, my mom, a friend from church & 3 good friends here participating. It was easy to get them involved since they know how wonderful the prize is! You really put together a generous & fantastic gift bag. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. I’m still thinking about what to bake – I want to challenge myself, but I want it to be pretty too….. Oh, I know, I can soak myself in a Chocolate Milk Bath for inspiration!

    xoxo Amy

  2. That sounds great! We have received several emails from people mentioning that they want to participate, but are concerned about what to bake. We say, “anything with chocolate, folks!” No, really…anything that you feel comfortable with cooking or baking is exactly what you should make. We aren’t picky and we just want everyone to have fun. Get those blenders blending….

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