Posted by: soapchix | January 30, 2008

Back to Soap

Looking back over our posts from the last few weeks, I realize that we really haven’t mentioned what’s going on with our happy little soap biz at all. There is no reason for it, really. Tiff and I have had lots of other things going on, too and like to write about those things as well. I am very new to this whole blogging world. In fact, Tiff had to convince me to contribute to this blog…..and by “convince” I mean drag me kicking and screaming over to a computer.

So what is going on with Serendipity, you ask? We are working on all kinds of things right now…some fun, some not so fun. First, the not-so-fun stuff. Without boring you with pesky details, we are trying to figure out how to grow our business in a way that still allows for happy home lives. It is no easy trick but we are commited to finding a balance. If one exists, that is. I hear some of you business owners out there laughing!

The fun stuff: we have rented a booth space at a fun antique-y / home-y things store in Lafayette, CO. It is not a huge space so displaying our beautiful soaps and bath stuff will be a bit of a challenge but I am truly psyched for it! I love, love, love creating displays. I love hunting for the perfect item that we can use in a fun and interesting way. I can just envision the hordes of happy shoppers smiling at our charming booth and breathing in the wonderfully-scented air….I can’t wait. We will keep you posted on our new booth. I promise to post photos soon!

But that isn’t the only fun thing going on here in Soap Chix land. We are also working on new scents for the Spring and discussing some charity projects that we are interested in. We are always tweaking the website and trying to make it a joy to look at. We also have to plan which shows we want to do this year (Country Living…here we come!) and of course, work in a few business meetings at Sushi Tora in Boulder. We do some great thinkin’ over a nice plate of Rainbow rolls. So I’m sure that we’ll be blogging some more about sushi, too!


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