Posted by: soapchix | January 28, 2008

When Hiking Goes Bad

There are so many reasons to love Colorado that it is really hard to pick my very favorite thing. But if you twisted my arm and made me choose my absolute fave it would be how much there is to do with kids. We love to go hiking with the girls…usually. Until this past weekend, that is. The chillun’s needed some exercisin’ so we went to Betasso park in Boulder County to take a short hike (short being the operative word). My husband mountain bike rides up there quite a bit so he thought it would be a perfect trail for us. On Saturdays bike riders are forbidden from using the trail so we’d wouldn’t worry about the kiddos being run over by a extreme sports wannabe. Here’s the thing about mountain bike riders like my hubby…their perception of distance is a bit, shall we say, warped. When you are viewing the world at lightning speeds and navigating rocks and varmints and trying to look cool at the same time, you might not be judging distance all that effectively. Had I considered this before we went hiking, I would have double-checked Wes’ assertion that the trail would just take us an hour to leisurely hike. Plus, we were hiking with kids and we, I mean, he, should have factored that in. Any parent knows that when kids are involved the laws of space and time no longer apply and it will take you three times longer than your highest estimate to do anything. So…..

The Betasso area is truly beautiful. The hike started out with the excited rush of the kids out of the car out into the bright sunshine and the blue sky. We walked for about 30 feet and then the whining began. First, it was about snacks. Then, it was about being tired. The three-year-old convinced Wes to carry her and that stopped half the whining. The other half lasted the next two and a half hours. To be fair, the trail was covered in snow so it was hard for a little one (and me) to navigate. There was of course, the cold to contend with. We all kept slipping and falling in the snow that we honestly thought wasn’t going to be there. OK, so we should have just turned back around but Wes kept telling us that “around the next bend” we would see a creek and that would signal that we would be “almost there.” Several “next bends” later we finally found the creek that indicated we only had another half hour to go. I was really tired by this point and very distracted. It is hard to concentrate when you are simultaneously walking on ice and plotting to kill your husband.

Betasso 3

When we reached the car, our three-year-old, shoulder-riding daughter told us that she was so tired from our hike. Our older daughter told us that she never wanted to go hiking with us again. The very next morning, though, she told us that the hiking trip was so much fun that she couldn’t wait to go back to that same trail. Kids. Go figure.

P.S. Wes read this before I published it. While reading this he had an annoyed look on his face. After reading it he said, “you loved every minute of that hike!”



  1. Sound like you are a “shoe-in” for that sale at Nordstrom’s, Ash! How did your sister like it? Was she still in town?

    tanti baci,

    P.S. Now I have ALL your “Well Said!” bullet points, can someone else say something, anything?

  2. You are not kidding…maybe I’ll write a post about my shopping spree….that is, if Wes doesn’t take my computer away from me! Speaking of shopping, we never got to take my sister hiking…we spent all of our time spending her money!

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