Posted by: soapchix | January 23, 2008

The ER

Thursday night my husband and I had our first ever trip to the Emergency Room with one of our kids. My daughter Rowan, a typical highly energetic three-year old, was running around like a crazy person holding a stainless steel pot over her face and calling herself “Pot Head,” which is kinda funny (if not a frightening portent of the future). So, of course, she trips, falls, and puts a really scary gash over her left eye. Rowan is the kind of child that simply brushes things off. She is not a crier, isn’t overly-dramatic, and generally just moves through life with a confidence and ease that I wish for everyone. So when I heard her downstairs screaming her head off and my husband simultaneously yelling, “I neeeeeeed a bandaid…Aaaaaash!” I almost peed in my pants.

We dropped off our six-year old daughter with our friend and zoomed off to the emergency room. Rowan was in her carseat crying that she wanted to go to sleep and I was just trying not to pass out. I know that parents deal with this kind of stuff all the time and I knew that she would be fine but I’m just, well…a wuss. A big old wuss who was terrified of holding my child while some strange doctor sewed her up. Fortunately, we had the world’s greatest experience in the ER. (It could have only gotten better if George Clooney was there performing operations on people and stopped what he was doing to tell me how fabulous I looked, but alas.) The doctor was great, the nurses oohed and ahhhed over RoRo, and she recovered and became her badass self once again. The best part is that she didn’t need stitches. When the doctor told her that she had to look at the cut to make sure, Ro very sternly said, “don’t stick anything in my ear! And I DON’T like shots!” But she didn’t cry at all.

Now she is all glued up and happy as can be. She looks a little scary but gladly tells anyone that stares that she has “magic glue” on her face and her cut has healed. This morning she actually looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at herself. She then told me that she needed some lip gloss.

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  1. That sweet little RoRo is precious. The way you described it on the phone made me gasp with horror – this ain’t so bad! Of course, Wes is taking full blame & will ease his conscience by insisting that you go to the Nordstrom shoe sale, right?

  2. Hi Ashley. This is “Soapdude’s” cousin, Lisa. I just found your website last weekend and this site tonight. What a great way to keep up with what’s going on in CO. The pics of your girls are adorable! I was unable to see them when Wes was home last…maybe next time. We didn’t get to come on our annual trip to Breck this year…hopefully next year we’ll make it back. We love it there!

    So glad to hear that Rowan is doing well after her tumble…now you can prove to her that being a pothead is really dangerous.

    I would love to try some of your products…especially for very dry skin. Maybe you could offer advice on which items to start with first.

    Tell Wes I said “Hello”.

    Bye for now.

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