Posted by: soapchix | January 21, 2008


A couple of mornings ago, I was having a nice cuppa tea and trying to get myself motivated to face the day and my ever-growing why-haven’t-I-done-this list. I was sitting there thinking about how nice the last two weeks had been with my whole family at home (no school, no work) and how much I really just wanted to crawl back into my warm bed and continue to hibernate for a couple more weeks. When I finally decided that This Is THE Day to get my ass motivated to tackle that list, organize the soap-making supplies, whip up a soap batch or two, work on some labels or whatever needed doin’, I looked out my window and saw our friendly neighborhood fox curled up asleep in our backyard. It was so exciting!!! This fox has visited us often and has left his calling card in my herb garden a few times, much to my annoyance. It is always fun to look out in the morning after a snow to see if his little tracks are in our yard. But it is a real treat to get to see the little guy and not just the evidence of his sleeping
The kids and I all watched him sleep for a while and were really enjoying his company when we heard a dog bark next door. The sweet fox, now named Tod by my kids, lifted his head, checked out the scene and went right..back…to…bed. I was impressed…it was like he had read my mind! I wanted to go back to bed, too! The dog continued to bark so the fox got annoyed, stood back up, did a few yoga stretches and curled right back up again. This fox was now my hero! I wish that I had the power to ignore annoying little sounds in the morning (like my alarm clock…my kids…my hubby) and drift right back into lala land. The fox stayed a little while longer until he had enough of the racket from the dog and I’m sure from the noise of my kids tapping on the window and yelling “hey Todd!” out the back door. So he got up and went about his day. And I finally did the same.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ash! Damn, you look good for your age!

    Love ya, girlfriend,

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