Posted by: soapchix | January 21, 2008

Teddy Roosevelt!


Remember, a few weeks ago, when Soapchix Ash met Elvis? Yeah, well, I was really jealous!

However, this past Christmas season, my kids and I had the chance to meet a couple cool people…our all time favorite was Teddy Roosevelt. My kids loved him in ‘Night at the Museum’ (both the book and the movie) and have since checked out bunches of Teddy Roosevelt books at the library.

Down in Denver, the Molly Brown house had a tour/tea with Teddy, so I signed us up. Sure enough, when we got there, Teddy was hanging out with everyone and getting ready to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. First, he talked about his life…and being homeschoolers ourselves, the kids thought it was pretty cool that he didn’t attend elementary or high school before going to Harvard college. Then he read the poem, and then he ended with a message about conservationism.

On our way home late that night, the kids and I stopped by Starbucks for a hot chocolate each. It was a special treat to finish off a special night…you never think, as a mom with babies, that one day the babies will be old enough to sit and drink a sophisticated cup of hot chocolate with you at 10 pm all the while talking about sophisticated things that they know more than you about!


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