Posted by: soapchix | January 6, 2008

Janie’s Cakes–A Must Have!

Back in 2006, when Ash and I packed up and headed out to the Country Living Fair in Chicago, we met a lovely lady named Janie. She had an adorable booth in which she sold her lovely poundcakes. Appropriately enough, she called them Janie’s Cakes. They are the most amazing poundcakes us Soapchix had ever tasted.

It’s hard to describe how and why something tastes good…but I’ll try. Janie uses only fresh ingredients, and it is apparent from the first bite. This poundcake is divine. A bit crunchy on the outside, but rich, dense (but not too dense!), and heavenly on the inside. It’s just what a combination of flour, butter, sugar and eggs are meant to be.

As you can imagine, Ash and I frequented their booth for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were serving up the ‘Plain Jane’, which is simply a cut of poundcake on which you can place a dollop of their different flavored curds or just eat it plain. Usually I like to smother my food with available sugary toppings, but this cake is so good I usually inhaled it before I got to the toppings.

At the end of the show, Janie offered free poundcakes to all the rest of us vendors, and I’ll admit that Ash and I were a bit greedy and snatched up 3 cakes a piece (Southern manners be damned…those cakes were ours!!!). And then, once I got home, I promptly ordered 2 more of her fancy cakes (The Saucy Jane and The Italian Jane) for my birthday and the upcoming holidays.

They arrived looking adorable:

And unwrapped they’re even cuter (and very easily frozen in their packaging):
Janie's Cakes

And I don’t have a picture of an actual slice because I inhaled it too quickly to snap a picture.

In one final note, I will share something. Somehow, the Italian Jane ended up getting buried in my freezer, under some meat, Eggo Waffles, chicken stock, and some peach slices. It sat, undisturbed, for a little over a year before I finally unearthed it looking for some spare frozen Egg Nog during Thanksgiving. “Hmmm” I thought to myself. “I wonder if it’s OK to serve a year old poundcake to my Dinner guests?” I unwrapped it, thawed it out, served it up (I know! Ashley would never do that!) and it tasted just as good as the one I had the day it arrived the year before.

This upcoming year, I would highly recommend ordering one at some point. Make it, like, a fun New Year’s Resolution! Because everyone should taste a cake this good and pure and delicious!



  1. Looks yummy! Any girl from Texas gotsta be good. I’m a wee-bit concerned that cake lasted untouched in your house for a year?!?! Goodness, you MUST be work’n too darn hard. Cake is lucky to make it to breakfast in our house.

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