Posted by: soapchix | December 27, 2007

We thought it was just us.

When we started doing Holiday shows in October/November, we noticed that they were missing something. Something kinda important. Something that really makes or breaks a show. I’ll show you what I mean. I took this picture at the Family Christmas show in Sandy, UT, on what was supposed to be the busiest day, at the busiest hour of the show….Saturday afternoon. Voila:

And what we’re missing here are people, which makes it tough to sell anything! When we did manage to rope someone down our way, they were more concerned about getting something at a significant discount. For crappy overpriced stuff from China, this kind of bargaining was feasible.

But for those of us selling handcrafted items it just wasn’t possible to go bargain basement low. Custom, quality, handmade, unique, and adorable bath products need to be appreciated and respected!

After doing all our shows, we were convinced the retail market was in the crapper. But then the newspeople kept saying how strong the holiday season’s sales were, and what a great indicator that this would be a fantastic retail christmas. Ash and I just looked at each other like, ‘HUH? Is it just us that stinks?!” and it became rather disheartening.

But now I’m reading articles like this one, talking about how miserable this retail season has been. It’s still disheartening, but at least we’re in good company.

Truthfully, we are so appreciative for the customers that we have…who value and appreciate a quality handcrafted item. The end of 2007 has seen a quadruple increase in sales from a year ago today, and that growth has exceeded even our optimistic goals! So a big thanks from Ash and I, who were a little discouraged by the end of this retail year. It’s been tough out there for everyone trying to stay afloat in the uncertain financial times, as you well know! But the fact that our growth has increased faster than we’d projected has shown us that there are people out there who get it. Who get us!

Here’s to 2008!


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