Posted by: soapchix | December 8, 2007

Santa Approved!


While on the road at our soap shows, Ashley and I ran into The Big Guy himself….Santa Claus! Believe it or not, he’s a HUGE fan of Serendipity Bath Co., and rumor has it that he treats all his elves to a package of “You Da (Bath) Bomb!” after the hectic holiday season is over. Imagine that! Apparently Ash and I aren’t the only ones that like to soak our stress away in a bathtub.

Being a soapchix, I asked him if he wore gloves all the time because his poor hands chapped horribly after riding on a sleigh at 24,000 feet in the air. He sheepishly agreed and showed me his dry, wind chapped hands. “You’re in luck!” I shouted as I slathered our “Body Bling” Whipped Shea Butter over his peeling cuticles and cracked skin. It was nice to be able to give something back to a guy who runs around doing so much for so many. He wondered if it was too late to order some stuff for Mrs. Claus, and we told him that we’re accepting orders until December 16th. I think the elves might be getting some Body Bling this year!


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