Posted by: soapchix | December 4, 2007

Bring on the Peppermint!

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Here’s a bit of good news that you can use this holiday season.  According to a recently published study from Wheeling Jesuit University (no, I haven’t heard of it either) adults who were exposed to either the scent or taste of peppermint ate 2,800 fewer calories per week than they would normally consume. Pretty cool, eh? So, I’ve been thinking about this. I tend to gravitate to those wonderfully decadent chocolate fountains at parties where I strain to not put my face in the luscious chocolate waterfall and slurp it all up….potentially embaressing to be sure. So I guess this means that I can just carry around a bar of our Peppy Mint soap and give it a good sniff before heading into a calorically dangerous party situation?! Or I could just lather up with it during my morning shower and be protected all day long from inhaling a bag of Snicker’s minis? I’ll give anything a try (of course it doesn’t hurt that I adore our Peppy Mint soap). Just let me put down my 5 pound bag (darn you, Costco!) of M&Ms and go find some peppermint to inhale.



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