Posted by: soapchix | November 27, 2007

“You Go, Girl!” WINNER!

I’ll get right to the point…

I won’t dawdle or draw this out…

Nope, I’ll just come right out and announce the winner of our November Contest of the Month!

Remember, this was for a fabulous, amazing, luxurious “You Go, Girl” travel kit…with sample sized versions of our bestselling bath and body products.

Thanks to all who participated!

Huh? What’s that? I haven’t announced the winner yet?

Alright, here goes…

But first I’ll promise that this was a totally random, double blind pick.

And our winner is…

LISA!!! Who would like to go to Hawaii. We’d like to send you there, but first we have to cover our soapy overhead. And then we need to send ourselves there. And then you. But we will do the next best thing by giving you a just-in-time-for-the-holidays treat. CONGRATULATIONS! You think your hands smell good all day…just wait until you slather yourself with some “Gimme Some Sugar!” scrub! Send us an email at soapchix (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize!!!

For those of you who left such nice things to say about us Soapchix, don’t fret…in a few short weeks we’ll be running a December contest and it’ll be just as great!


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