Posted by: soapchix | November 14, 2007

Our New Buddy

We just got back from the Family Christmas show in Salt Lake City last night and are so glad to be home. We will be gathering our thoughts and pictures of our adventures in Utah over the next few days and will write about all of our fun moments (but not the embarassing ones) soon. During our trip to Utah, we realized that we actually had one great thing going for us at the Colorado Craptacular show…..our booth neighbors. One in particular really requires quite a bit written about him. First of all, he is a really Big Time Illustrator and writer of children’s books….at least that is what his business card says! 

His name is Tim Raglin, and we are in awe of his books and just adore him. Seriously, we just can’t say enough about how wonderful his children’s books are! His illustrations are so charming and delightfully detailed.  My girls came by to visit us on Sunday and I took them over to meet our new buddy and to see his books. They were enraptured and my oldest instantly wanted “all of them.” Go see his website… Right now my girls want me to read The Wolf Who Cried Boy and The Case of Catunkhamen over and over again.

We knew that we had a friend in Tim during the Show when he laughed at our sarcastic signs and even helped us come up with a few. Even though we were disappointed in the way the show went, we were really happy to see all of the customers flock to Tim’s booth to check out his books. He was like a rock star signing books and smiling at his adoring crowd! OK, so we did get a bit annoyed one time when one lady left her grandmother in our booth so that she could have Tim autograph a copy of one of his books. Well, not that annoyed really…she was such a sweet lady that Tiff and I just smiled and offered her some shea butter. 

So now we are waiting for our new friend to come back to visit us. We promise you, Tim that when you visit we’ll take you someplace other than Burger King!


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