Posted by: soapchix | November 10, 2007

What I’ve learned about my kids while making bath bombs…

I usually only make soap when my kids are asleep. It is just too difficult. But the bathbombs are pretty harmless and you can make a whole bunch pretty quickly so I thought I could try to whip up some much-needed inventory while the kids played.  Every parent knows how hard it is to do anything at all when your kids are around and we all feel guilt when thoughts of the Good Night Show cross our adled brains. I decided to forgo the T.V. today and make the kids play and do-something-creative, please. With the kids happily destroying our basement I went to work on the bath bombs. While I was scooping away I learned these things about my kids:

1. The 5-year-old seems to require an unusual amount of scotch tape.

2. The 2-year-old is incapable of doing anything without first checking with the 5 year old and that seems to include using the potty. That leads to several trips to the playroom to clean up “accidents.”

3. They have learned that when I’m “doing soap stuff” in the kitchen that I am a bit testy when interrupted, as evidenced by the 5 year old telling her little sister to “be careful when you talk to mommy right now.”

4. The 2 year old will ask for string cheese whenever I’m at a critical phase of mixing ingredients.

5. The 2 year old will at some point haul ass out of the basement screaming with scotch tape in her hair.

6. The 5 year old will follow the screaming 2 year old with a guilty look on her face but swear that she has no idea how the scotch tape incident happened. Really Mommy…dats da truth.

Alright so I didn’t learn anything all that enlightening but it is hard to be perceptive when you’ve burned your face with a bit of citric acid. (I’m hoping that it’ll be like a lovely facial peel and I’ll be glowing when the burn marks fade.) Really, I’ve learned that television is sometimes truly a godsend and I just have to be creative when the kiddos are in bed.



  1. I have a “sticky commet”,

    I have taught first grade for 28 years and I can honestly say that scotch tape is such a great learning tool! So is a glue stick (but that is when they aren’t licking the purple one to see if it has that delicious grape flavor!). The 2 year old sounds as if she is not only a bright little soapchix daughter but a kind hearted one at that. I mean, we all want to make sure that our sisters and best friends are peeing when we are, don’t we? I want more of the sugar scrub and the shea butter bling! I have had more compliments when I wear it. Cheers to my soapchix sisters! Love live scotch tape, sisters, and lots of lavendar soap from the soapchix!

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