Posted by: soapchix | November 9, 2007

Off to Utah!

After packing up the minivan last night, Soapchix Ashley and I headed out to Utah at 5 o’clock this morning. We needed to make the 8 hour drive and leave enough time for us to unpack and set up the booth for the Christmas Gift Show at the Sandy Expo Center, which we managed to do quite nicely. It’s amazing how quickly a roadtrip goes by when there aren’t any kids in the car. We laughed, we talked, we sang, and we munched on Mallomars. We also had quite a few pertinent debates that are only to be expected between chicks of our vast intellect. The first one was which crush was less dorky…one on Steve Perry back when he was in Journey, or one on Phil Collins back when he was in Genesis. We also debated who was more manly…Bear Gryllis or the dude on ‘Survivorman’.

Yada yada yada…we set up the booth…and then Ashley took me to my first Sushi restaurant, The Happy Sumo, in downtown SLC. It was SO GOOD! I had no idea raw fish could be so amazing! Our favorite was the Shiro Maguro–albacore tuna. But just to make sure we loved it more than anything else, we also ordered the Rainbow Roll, Maguro, and Hamachi. Oh, yeah, and we also had the Miso soup. You’d think that’d be enough for us, but you’d be wrong. We managed to stuff in some Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry’s when we got back to the hotel.

Ash and I briefly considered staying in the comfy hotel beds, watching TV and eating ice cream for the rest of the weekend…especially after the dismal last show we did.

But no. Because we walked around The Gateway and earmarked a few things to bring back with us if we sell enough soap ‘n stuff. We are nothing if not dedicated and driven.

Tomorrow we’ll be selling from 10-9 (11 hours!!!! Thank goodness for peppermint patties and Cherry Coke!) and hopefully all goes well!



  1. What is amazing is that we managed to have fun on the never-ending drive across Wyoming without the use of Wes’ iPod…no music on a roadtrip…no way! And, you are seriously my hero for driving the whole way…thanks, Tiff!

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