Posted by: soapchix | November 7, 2007

Only our minds are dirty….

I mentioned in the last post that despite the sad state of affairs at the Colorado Craptacular show this past weekend that Tiff and I managed to have fun. We met some great people and actually had several customers tell us that they were happy to find us amidst all of the “mass produced crap” as one lady so delicately put it.

When we weren’t commiserating with our new best buddy (more on him later) we were writing incredibly snarky signs to decorate our booth with. That was fun!  

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I don’t know what it is about soap that brings out the dirty jokes in people….well, in some people. Well, mostly in us. It’s just that if we aren’t busy writing out orders, things devolve into the lowest common denominator–bathroom humor. (Ha! See! ‘Bathroom’ humor!) There was a lot of talk about the size of our (bath) balls and such so please forgive us if you find that offensive.

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During the flurry of creative writing, done during the times when  we should have been selling soap if only people would stop and buy some, our friend Tim Raglin came up with our new tag line. “Now that I have Serendipity Soap, only my mind is dirty!”



  1. This was just too funny

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