Posted by: soapchix | November 1, 2007

Colorado Country Christmas

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Time’s up! That’s pretty much how we feel. Like the clock has run out on a game show and we have to put up or shut up. Tomorrow morning we have to set up our booth at the Colorado Country Christmas show in Denver. We have worked our collective booties off the last few weeks and it shows…the minivan is overflowing, I have permanent bags under my eyes and Tiff is getting a cold.  Even tonight during the whole Halloween hullaballoo I was thinking about the upcoming show. When I wasn’t running to the door to see the trick-or-treaters I was counting bags of bombinos.  That is either a sign of real commitment or dementia but I’ll worry about that later.

So whether we are up for it or not, or whether we’ve made enough bath stuff or not we are outta here and off to the market. Here’s the list of all of our stuff.

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80 sugar scrubs, 87 whipped shea butters, 88 Honeybuns (our new mini bottle….so cute!), 30 You Go Girl bags, about 550 soaps and over 600 bath bombs. Plus a gazillion soap dishes, some christmas ornaments and various I-can’t-remember-right-nows. Man oh man….I’m actually rather stunned looking at these numbers.  Neither of us really have an idea what to expect… this a laughable amount and we need three times this or is this overkill? Well, there’s always Salt Lake City that’s coming up next weekend!

Before I forget, Happy Halloween! 




  1. This reminds me that I need to buy a few gifts for Christmas…. so, you’re not done yet!

    xoxox, great work, girls!

  2. Thanks, Miss Amy! Order away…we’ll just keep on making more fun stuff!

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