Posted by: soapchix | October 24, 2007

Emphasis on the word Bomb

In the continuing spirit of admitting our mistakes (and wallowing in humiliation) we are going to talk about making bath bombs. We are in the process of adding them to our list of bath products and are excited about the recipe that we’ve found. But…….OK I’ll admit that almost failed chemistry in college (but that was because my future Soap Dude sat next to me in class and I just could NOT concentrate) but I really can follow instructions and measure things correctly.  So with this in mind I really just don’t understand what is going on with the lastest batch of bath bombs.  They are fizzing uncontrollably like one of those paper mache volcanos that everyone made in an elementary school science class. Today I got the ingredients blended together beautifully and then molded it and a few hours later I went back to check on them. They looked like a souffle that had overflowed in a billowy, frothy mess. Right now I’m thinking either poltergeist activity or demonic possession of the citric acid.  Or maybe the storm that is crossing over the Rockies right now is wreaking havoc with, I don’t know, things in the atmosphere. So….I need Tiff to come back from stalking George Washington in Colonial Williamsburg and help me sort this out. (Yes, I know he’s dead…she can explain it later.) Or we can make some chocolate fondue and worry about the bath bombs later.


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