Posted by: soapchix | October 6, 2007


It’s just about anniversary time for Serendipity Bath Co. so Tiff and I have been looking back at this past year with a sense of awe, wonder (or is that confusion) and a real sense of accomplishment. It’s been a really wonderful year, we are happy to report. It has definitely been a year of “tweaking” our recipes, expanding our bath line, and discovering which soaps / scents our dear customers love and those that are, well, a little under-appreciated. And as proud as we are of each and every soapy creation (we are moms after all), we do have to admit when a particular recipe or scent just doesn’t work. So with that in mind, we’d like to announce the “passing” of our dear departed soaps and some of the equipment that we used to make it:

Tomato Leaf Soap

How we will mourn you, dear Tomato Leaf. We really tried, didn’t we? When customers would ask us at craft shows, “what in the world is this scent?” we would defend you and sing your praises. It really does smell like freshly picked tomato leaves, we’d say. Just try it….you’ll LOVE it, we’d say. They didn’t buy that explanation and they dadgum-sure didn’t buy the soap. We will miss you, soap buddy, but it really is time to move on.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Soap

You win some…you lose some. Sometimes soap that smells like a heavenly dessert is a huge winner (as are our Apple and Pumpkin pie soaps) and sometimes it is just a big old hunk of unwanted soap. Even with 3 cheery stripes and the yummy scent of almond AND chocolate AND cherries this soap just didn’t work. Like the last kid chosen for dodgeball in gym class, people would pick it begrudgingly after the other soaps had sold. And so we send it off to the Land of Unwanted Soap. Bon voyage.

The Extruder

Or as we like to call with a very bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, the Extroooooooo-dah. It is like a very large cookie press that allows us to make soap shapes to imbed in other soaps. Like the teddy bear shape in our Honey Bear soap or the clover in our Lucky Clover soap. We had such hopes for the Extroooo-dah! And boy were all of our hopes dashed when tried to use this blanking thing. In fact, the first time we tried it we made the mistake of putting brown soap through it and what came out looked like dog poo. That pretty much sums it up. We are done with you, dog poo maker. (No worries though, fans of the Wild Child line. We still have tricks up our sleeve and our kids soaps will continue to be adorable. We promise!)

The Meat Grinder

We used this to grind up soap into tiny pieces which we then put through the Extroooo-dah. What a pain in the arse. It was noisy, messy and nearly impossible to clean. Ironic considering what was going through it. Be gone annoying piece of kitchen equipment! Rest, or rust, in peace.



  1. I’m sad to see the choco/cherry/almond go- I liked that one.

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