Posted by: soapchix | October 2, 2007


Tiff and I are addicted to the uber-yummy organic shea butter that we use in our Body Bling. It was a very lucky, we even daresay “serendipitous” find, this shea butter is. We had been wanting to incorporate more organic products into our bath line from the beginning but it was too cost-prohibitive.  So when we found a local supplier offering organic shea butter at a great price we jumped at the chance to try it.  And we are hooked! Maybe obsessed is a better word because we have started putting the heavenly stuff in everything. Tiff had the wonderful idea of incorporating it into our sugar scrub and the results are fantastic! I think the scrub is now more gentle and my skin is so sensitive that I can definitely see a difference. The scrub is so light and fluffy and whipped-cream-like (anything that bears a resemblence to whipped cream is aces in my book).  But the best part is that you don’t have to mix up the oils and the sugars every time you use it! That makes it much easier to take with you when you are on the go…you don’t have to worry about all the wonderful oils leaking out of the container. We are pretty excited for everyone to try it so if you get the chance, grab some for yourself before Tiff and I get greedy and keep it all to ourselves!

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