Posted by: soapchix | July 29, 2007

Shredder Happy

I have two little budding artists at home. Tiff has three. With all of the creativity that floats about the Soap Chix’s roosts, we go through tons and tons of paper. I know many of you can relate! We also go through paper for our budding empire: labels, labels and more labels. Off-color labels, labels with misspellings, wonky ones that came out of the printer incorrectly. We really try to be eco-conscious (who isn’t these days?), so we are very mindful of the amount of trash we are creating. We do not buy packing peanuts and bubble wrap for shipping, we simply reuse the packing materials that come with the items we order to make all of our products.

But, back to our Budding Empire. We are now shipping out more and more soap and bath products and we can’t continue to not buy packing materials at this rate. Which brings me back to our little artists.  We have now found a way to deal with tons of paper that doesn’t require relocating to the Biltmore Estate (although I could deal with having 20 bedrooms!).  As sad as it may seem, they create, and we shred! Well, after the artwork has been deemed neither wall-worthy nor call-the-Guggenheim-worthy, and permission has been granted from the artist…..then we shred. (Yes, parents…we know everything little junior creates is a frame-able masterpiece but let’s be realistic.)   The shredded paper makes great packing materials and we can ease our environmental guilt a bit. Plus, look at the fun stuff you can create with the shreds!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



  1. Very cool idea- I am always trying to use artwork around here in creative ways, too

  2. I love it! Tell little E that I will happily reassemble her masterpieces here. If we were closer, then I could give you reams of animal drawings & family portraits (I’m always the tall stick with curly hair).

  3. Um, I think you have the coolest shredder in the WORLD.

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